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ခေါင်းစဉ်သစ် ဖွင့်ရန်

Double redirection


Main_Pageဗ ဟို စာ မျက် နှာဗ​ဟို​စာ​မျက်​နှာ​

Merci d’avance ! Nemoi ၁၆:၁၄၊ ၁၀ အောက်​တို​ဘာ​ ၂၀၁၀ (UTC)

Right. Main Page link need to remove ZWSP (u200B) between syllables. @=={Lionslayer> ၁၆:၀၂၊ ၉ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Corrected. NinjaStrikers «» ၁၃:၁၉၊ ၂၈ ဇူလိုင် ၂၀၁၆ (UTC)

Dictionary Content

Myanmar-Eng is a should. Now I'm seeing most contents are Eng-My. How do we manage interwiki links? @=={Lionslayer> ၀၅:၃၁၊ ၁ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Isn't Myan-Eng dictionary supposed to be in en.wiktionary.org? trh ၀၄:၂၁၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
Nope. Look at other language wiktionaries. Native language definitions should be first priority. Eng-My is second priority. I will try to import mmspelling.info data after I change it to wiki format. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၅:၃၉၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
Myan-Myan dictionary should be in my.wiktionary.org; I think, however, Myan-Eng should be in en.wiktionary.org. For example,abändern in en and abändern in de; 所有 in en and 所有 in zh. trh ၀၉:၁၅၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
Sure. We could have My-My and My-En under same title. En-My under different title. @=={Lionslayer> ၁၁:၂၃၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Burmese Title for Wiktionary

Please vote for one.

  1. ဝီရှင်နရီ
  2. ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ
  3. ဝစ်(ခ်)ရှင်နရီ

@=={Lionslayer> ၀၅:၄၅၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

I vote 2nd one. ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ (ဝင်ရှင်းနေသည်။ :D) Zawthet ၀၅:၅၆၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
Me too two. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၆:၃၉၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
Yeah, ဝစ်ရှင်နာရီ sounds better than ဝီရှင်နရီ. trh ၀၉:၀၀၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
Based original word dictionary's IPA pronunciation is /ˈdɪkʃən(ə)ɹi/ ဒစ်(ရှ)(အသံဝက်)(န)(အသံဝက်)ရီ . So closest pronunciation will be ဒစ်ရ်ှနရီ which results ဝစ်(ရ်ှ)နရီ as well. So ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ will be more suitable. @=={Lionslayer> ၁၇:၅၂၊ ၁၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
me too No.(2), i vote for No.(2) --Lagoonaing ၀၇:၃၀၊ ၁၃ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

I'll vote for this -> #ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ Posted By Ko Lwin on 28 Jul 2011 14:05 (GMT+8) I'll vote for the second one as well.

Layout Convention

I think it is time we have a consistent layout in ဝခ်ရှင်နာရီ. Please, suggest myanmar words for the following terms (taken from en.wik)

  • English အင်္ဂလိပ်
  • Noun နာမ်၊ ကြိယာ ....
  • Alternative forms မူကွဲအသုံးအနူန်းများ
  • Etymology ဝေါဟာရ ရင်းမြစ်
  • Pronunciation အသံထွက်
  • Usage notes အသုံးအနူန်း မှတ်စု
  • Synonyms အနက်တူ ဝေါဟာရများ။ ကြောင်းတူသံကွဲ ဝေါဟာရများ
  • Antonyms ဆန့်ကျင်ဘက် ဝေါဟာရများ
  • Derived terms
  • Related terms ဆက်နွယ်ဝေါဟာရများ
  • References အကိုးအကား
  • External links


  • English အင်္ဂလိပ်
  • Noun နာမ်၊ ကြိယာ ....
  • Short forms - န၊ နဝိ၊ ကြိ၊ ကြိဝိ စသည် (မြန်မာသဒ္ဒါကျမ်းအတိုင်း)
  • Alternative forms မူကွဲ
  • Etymology ရင်းမြစ်
  • Pronunciation အသံထွက်
  • Usage notes အသုံးမှတ်ချက်
  • Synonyms ကြောင်းတူသံကွဲ
  • Antonyms ဆန့်ကျင်ဘက်
  • Derived terms ဆင်းသက်သွားသော အသုံးအနှုန်းများ
  • Related terms ဆက်စပ်ရာ
  • References ကိုးကား
  • External links ပြင်ပလင့်

I will also try to implement a java script generator for IPA symbols and transliteration keyboard. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၈:၄၂၊ ၁၁ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

I have a python bot running for Wikipedia. I will run it here to replace those sub-titles. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၈:၄၄၊ ၁၁ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
I think ဆင်းသက်သွားသော အသုံးအနှုန်းများ should be more compact, what about ဆင့်ပွား (အသုံးအနှုန်းများ)? trh ၀၈:၅၃၊ ၁၁ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
Right. Make it more compact, ဆင့်ပွားအသုံး. Agree? @=={Lionslayer> ၀၉:၀၀၊ ၁၁ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
yep trh ၀၉:၀၇၊ ၁၁ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

I would like to vote for the following:

  • Usage notes အသုံးမှတ်ချက်
  • Synonyms ဆင်တူစကားလုံးများ/ဆင်တူဝေါဟာရ
  • Antonyms ဆန့်ကျင်ဘက်စကားလုံးများ/ဆန့်ကျင်ဘက်ဝေါဟာရ
  • Derived terms ဆင့်ပွားအသုံး
  • Related terms ဆက်စပ်အသုံး
  • References ကိုးကား/အညွှန်း/ရည်ညွှန်းချက်/ကိုးကားချက်

Proposed by Ko Lwin on 28 Jul 2011 13:58(GMT+8)

We are using Synonyms as ကြောင်းတူအသုံး now. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၈:၃၅၊ ၃၀ ဇူ​လိုင်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Overall design and Template Design

I looked into a couple of foreign wiktionaries other than Eng. Fr is quite stylish in both designs and usage of templates. @=={Lionslayer> ၁၁:၀၉၊ ၁၄ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Yep, their design is pretty clean. We could also tweak our css a bit. trh
I think the templates here is already messy with en and fr template mix. We will just go with most used en templates. For CSS, plz test with your custom css in vector skin. Current one can be avaliable here. When you feel sastisfy with it. Plz update me. @=={Lionslayer> ၁၂:၅၃၊ ၁၇ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Help Pages

We need a couple of help pages. I am writing one here, aimed for newcomers. We should also have a sandbox page. It would also be nice to have a detailed layout (style) convention page. trh ၀၂:၁၅၊ ၁၉ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

I will ask from Bugzilla to add readymade layout buttons. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၇:၀၈၊ ၁၉ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Adding Template Bottoms

တမ်းပလိတ်တွေ အလွယ်ထည့်လို့ရအောင် Mediawiki:Edittools မှာ ဝင်ပြင်လို့ရတယ်။ Standard ခလုပ်တွေရဲ့ အပေါ်ဆုံးက တစ်ဘလော့(ပိုဒ်) ထပ်ထည့်ပေးရင် တည်းဖြတ်စာမျက်နှာရဲ့ အောက်ဘက်မှာ အလွယ်ထည့်တဲ့ ခလုပ်​လေးတွေ စိတ်ကြိုက်ပြင်လို့ရပြီ။ @=={Lionslayer> ၁၁:၁၆၊ ၂၃ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

တည်ဖြတ်စာမျက်နှာအောက်ခြေကို ကြည့်ရင် Edit Tools တွေရှိတယ်။ စာမျက်နှာအသစ်ရေးရင် လိုမဲ့ အတိုကောက်တွေ လိုက်ထည့်လိုက်တယ်။ @=={Lionslayer> ၀၈:၃၄၊ ၃၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Uploading data

Before I upload Burmese lexicon database, I will upload Eng-My definitions for empty titles from online resources. The fact is that they are too raw and have a lot of careless mistakes. Cleanup will take about a week. At least we will get base definitions we can update later. Any suggestion? @=={Lionslayer> ၀၈:၁၄၊ ၃၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Never mind, just upload them. To be honest, most of Eng-Myan definitions here, being full of spelling mistakes, and having inconsistent layout & unreliable definitions, need to be revised. Btw, MgSunBot should be marked as Bot (if possible), so that it can be hided in recent changes. trh ၁၀:၀၃၊ ၃၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
It's already being marked as bot a few days ago. I requested from meta. @=={Lionslayer> ၁၀:၁၈၊ ၃၀ မတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Redesign Homepage

I want to take out all extra interwiki links and other wiktionary links and keep the homepage minimum and clean. Only wiktionaries wtih over 100,000+ will get sidebar entry. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၇:၄၉၊ ၁၉ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Yep, I think index block is also unnecessary for now, since all we have is only Burmese and English definitions. trh ၀၈:၄၅၊ ၁၉ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

ဗမာ or မြန်မာ

I intended to use မြန်မာ for Burmese language. Yet "Myanmar" refers to whole of all languages or scripts inside Myanmar and this wiki is supposed to be Burmese dictionary mainly. So I decided to use ဗမာ for all title and categories. @=={Lionslayer> ၁၈:၄၄၊ ၁၉ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

When referring to the language it should be ဗမာ as there are so many other languages in Myanmar. And in English the language should be called "Burmese" that'll help us distinguish languages if in the future other languages of Myanmar such as Karen is added here.

Adding interwiki links

You don't need to copy and add all interwiki links. You just need to add one interwiki link for english at the end of the article/definition like this: [[en:apple]]. The interwiki bots will update all remaining interwiki to other languages in a few days. @=={Lionslayer> ၁၂:၄၇၊ ၂၂ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)


Contributions - so many is great. 1. Removing links to sound file. Very very bad. These links to Java sound files are on going process in other English wikis whether the files are there or not, it should not be removed. Adding IPA is good but substituting with IPA is very bad . Self-sanity check is recommended 2. Adding more example sentences for English word. Good 3. Removing meanings of English words in English texts. Very very bad. 4. Correcting typos and mistakes in Bamar characters . Good 5. Changes of English words - Noun, verb, adverb etc to Bamar words -Unnecessary - all Burmese can read English words and understand their functions in English sentence structure. Analogous to late dictator Ne Win's ill-measures introduced to Education System in late 1960 denying to all younger generations. 6. It's sad, only two contributors deciding for this media presentation to whole Burma. --Oung ၂၂:၂၇၊ ၂၃ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

  • 1. I don't think not having sound file is bad when English Wiktionary itself doesn't have (doesn't keep the link) either. It can always be re-edited later. I don't understand what you meant about IPA. Please read my blog post if you are misunderstanding something.
  • 3. We are not exactly following the English Wiktionary unnecessarily. If you think we miss the lines, you can help adding it.
  • 5. Not all Burmese are Eng-literate. Moreover, it's having our own style of grammar. Please check how the other language Wiktionaries are doing apart from English.
  • 6. We need to build a bridge for the village. With the help of the bridge, we could cross to the other side easily. No villagers are helping us. So only two volunteers are building it. They are not professional bridge builders. So, they are slow, make many mistakes, cannot check overall quality. It will be better if somebody, anybody would help them. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၆:၄၃၊ ၂၄ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)
  • 1. We are not substituting audio files with IPA, just removing non-existent audio files.
  • 3. I don't really get what you mean. Do you mean putting English definitions beside the Burmese definitions like this one. I think that is visually ugly and cognitively confusing for the user.
  • 6. Yep, only two active contributors are making decisions in wiktionary, because there is only two of them. Most of important wiktionary decisions, in which everyone is welcomed to discuss, are made here. trh ၁၀:၁၂၊ ၂၄ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

1. Please read again. Sound files are building up in English Wiktionary and is an on-going process there as well thus links should not be removed........... 2. The meanings of English words is best presented with English language. Consult with English Dept of RASU. ( Using local language for that is secondary)....... rgds, Oung

Wiktionary's main objective is to express words in every language in our local language. We have English Wiktionary and sidebar interwiki links if you want to know more in English or in other languages. That's the purpose of interwiki links. So long as there are contributors and usage of this Wiktionary, please don't worry about the sound file link since they are updatable any time if they are present in Eng Wiktionary. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၂:၅၉၊ ၂၇ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Build-in keyboard and Padauk font Embedded

Build-in keyboard for myanmar3 is added. The keyboard script was developed as Narayam project by junaid of Malayalam Wiki community and layout script was added by me. Padauk font was embedded. If you use other fonts other than Padauk, it will override Padauk font. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၈:၃၂၊ ၂၉ ဧ​ပြီ​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

ဗမာစာ ညအက္ခရာအတွက် ကျန်တာတွေ ဒီနေ့အကုန်တင်လိုက်ပြီ။ ဒီလောက်ဆို စုံသလောက်ရှိပါပြီ။ @=={Lionslayer> ၁၅:၀၅၊ ၁၆ ဇွန်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

my.wikipedia မှာရော built-in myanmar keyboard ထဲ့ထားပါလား, မထဲ့ရသေးရင် ထဲ့ပေးလို့ရမလား ခင်ဗျ။ Posted By Ko Lwin 28 Jul 2011 15:31 GMT+8

ဟုတ်ကဲ့ အခုလုပ်နေပါတယ်။ :) @=={Lionslayer> ၀၈:၃၃၊ ၃၀ ဇူ​လိုင်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Translation using simple description and usage

ကျန်တော်အနေနဲ့ စကားလုံးများကို ဖွ့င်ဆိုရာမှာ ရိုးရှင်းတဲ့ ခေတ်သုံး စကားလုံးများကို သုံးသင့်တယ်လို့ထင်ပါတယ်ခင်ဗျား။

ဥပမာ စား နှမ်းဖြူကိုမြင်လျှင် စားချင်သောကြောင့် တစ်ဆုပ်ယူ၍စားသည်။ ဏိကုဏ်။ ၄၄၀။ ရာတစ်ဆယ်ကို၊ လေးသွယ်ဓာတ်စား၊ လဒ်ကားနက္ခတ်။ မဃ*၄၄

အထက်ပါဖွင့်ဆိုချက်များမှာ ရခုခေတ်နှင့် မသင့်တော်တော့်ဘူးထင်ပါသည်။

ဒါလေးက en.wiktionary.org ရဲ့ FAQ ကကူးထားတာပါ။ Q: Can I use what I find in other dictionaries and glossaries? How? How much? A: Yes and no! Wiktionary should represent the language as it is used in practice, and that is best done through evidence of usage. Not all dictionaries provide this kind of evidence and may only reflect usages current at the time that the dictionary was published. The 1913 edition of Webster's Dictionary is a popular freely available source, but it must be supplemented to show how some words have changed since 1913.

Kyawkolwin ၁၂:၂၉၊ ၁ ဩ​ဂုတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

(နှမ်းဖြူကိုမြင်လျှင် စားချင်သောကြောင့် တစ်ဆုပ်ယူ၍စားသည်။) ဒီဟာ နှမ်းခိုးစားလို့ ဒိသာပါမောက္ခဆရာကြီးက မင်းသားကို ဒဏ်ပေးတဲ့ဇာတ်ပါ။ (ရာတစ်ဆယ်ကို၊ လေးသွယ်ဓာတ်စား၊ လဒ်ကားနက္ခတ်။) ဒါ မဃဒေဝထဲက ဗေဒင်နည်း စာပါ။ တစ်ရာ့တစ်ဆယ်ကို လေးနဲ့စား ရလဒ်က ဘာ၊ အကြွင်းကဘာဆိုပြီး တွက်တဲ့နည်းပါ။ နားမလည်နိုင်လောက်အောင် မဖြစ်သေးပါ။ တကယ်လို့ ခုခေတ်သုံး ကိုးကားပြနိုင်ရင် အောက်က ကိုးကားစာအုပ်နဲ့ စာမျက်နှာ/စာကြောင်းပြပြီး တစ်ကြောင်းထပ်ဖြည့်လို့ရပါတယ်။ အဓိပ္ပါယ်လွဲနေတာမဟုတ်ရင် ဖျက်ဖို့တော့ အားမပေးချင်ပါ။ ရှေးကကျမ်းတွေက တိတိကျကျကောက်နှုတ်ထားလို့ ဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ ကျေးဇူး။ @=={Lionslayer> ၀၂:၂၅၊ ၂ ဩ​ဂုတ်​ ၂၀၁၁ (UTC)

Universal Language Selector to replace Narayam and WebFonts extensions

On June 11, 2013, the Universal Language Selector (ULS) will replace the features of Mediawiki extensions Narayam and WebFonts. The ULS provides a flexible way of configuring and delivering language settings like interface language, fonts, and input methods (keyboard mappings).

Please read the announcement on Meta-Wiki for more information. Runab ၁၄:၁၀၊ ၅ ဇွန်​ ၂၀၁၃ (UTC) (posted via Global message delivery)

Global AbuseFilter


AbuseFilter is a MediaWiki extension used to detect likely abusive behavior patterns, like pattern vandalism and spam. In 2013, Global AbuseFilters were enabled on a limited set of wikis including Meta-Wiki, MediaWiki.org, Wikispecies and (in early 2014) all the "small wikis". Recently, global abuse filters were enabled on "medium sized wikis" as well. These filters are currently managed by stewards on Meta-Wiki and have shown to be very effective in preventing mass spam attacks across Wikimedia projects. However, there is currently no policy on how the global AbuseFilters will be managed although there are proposals. There is an ongoing request for comment on policy governing the use of the global AbuseFilters. In the meantime, specific wikis can opt out of using the global AbuseFilter. These wikis can simply add a request to this list on Meta-Wiki. More details can be found on this page at Meta-Wiki. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on m:Talk:Global AbuseFilter.


PiRSquared17, Glaisher

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