ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ မှ
အ​ညွှန်း​သို့ ခုန်ကူးရန် ရှာဖွေရန် ခုန်ကူးမည်

အင်္ဂလိပ် [ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

အင်္ဂလိပ် ဝီကီပီးဒီးယားတွင် ဤအမည်ဖြင့် ဆောင်းပါးတစ်ပုဒ် ရှိသည်။
Wikipedia en
ဝီကီပီးဒီးယား လိုဂို

Alternative forms[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]


တမ်းပလိတ်:blend, coined by Larry Sanger.


  • (UK) IPA: /ˌwɪkɪˈpiːdɪə/
  • (US) enPR: wĭ'kēpēʹdēə, wĭ'kəpēʹdēə, IPA: /ˌwɪkiˈpiːdi.ə/, /ˌwɪkəˈpiːdi.ə/
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  • Rhymes: -iːdiə

  1. A free-content online encyclopedia founded in 2001, collaboratively developed over the World Wide Web in a number of languages.
    • 2011, The Guardian, January 12.
      Civility – translated as savoir-vivre in the French version – is one of the five "pillars" of Wikipedia.
  2. The community that develops the Wikipedia encyclopedia.
    • 2011, The New York Times, May 23.
      In August 2009, Wikipedia announced that it planned a move that many saw as a step away from its freewheeling ethos of anyone can edit.
    • 2012, Reuters, January 19.
      Wikipedia mounted a 24-hour protest starting at midnight by converting their English page to a shadowy black background and warning readers that "the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet."
  3. A main-belt asteroid (No. 274301).




Wikipedia (အများကိန်း Wikipedias)

ဂျာမန်ဝီကီပီးဒီးယား ဒီဗွီဒီအခွေ၏ မျက်နှာစာ
  1. A version of the encyclopedia Wikipedia (a free-content online encyclopedia) in a particular language.
    There are over five million articles on the English Wikipedia.
    • 2005, Financial Times, December 14.
      Work in the open-source software community or contribute to wikipedias on your favourite subjects.
  2. A wiki or similar collaborative database.
    His new project is to create a Wikipedia for UFO sightings from all around the world.
    • 2007, Keith Cary Curtis, After the Software Wars, page 166:
      Likewise, it is much more important to build a complete set of libraries for all aspects of computing, a Wikipedia of free code, than to worry that further language innovation is the gating factor towards any future progress in software.
    • တမ်းပလိတ်:quote-magazine
    • 2011, Eric Liu, Scott Noppe-Brandon, Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility, page 155:
      And when interesting ideas arose, such as creating a Wikipedia of top-secret content for the intelligence community, he provided cover for those ideas to develop.
  3. (figuratively) A source of abundant encyclopedic knowledge.
    Her mind was a Wikipedia of useless information.
    • 2007, James A Beckford, Jay Demerath, The SAGE Handbook of the Sociology of Religion, page 10:
      We had no illusions of providing a 360° coverage of the sociology of religion, or of confusing a Handbook with a wikipedia.
    • 2013, Mike Bellafiore, The PlayBook: An Inside Look at How to Think Like a Professional Trader, page 358:
      And it is so entertaining when he shares his stories about the other great traders he knows. He is a Wikipedia of trading anecdotes.
    • 2013, Anna Mitchell, Just Don't Call Me Ma'am: How I Ditched the South, Forgot My Manners, and Managed to Survive My Twenties with (Most of) My Dig, page 207:
      While time had given Britney nothing but a befuddling choice for a (now ex-) husband, children, and headaches, my friend had emerged with a Wikipedia of online dating information.
    • 2014, LuAnn McLane, Wildflower Wedding: A Cricket Creek Novel:
      Her brain was a Wikipedia of songs, and she could give anybody a run for the money with music trivia.



Wikipedia (third-person singular simple present Wikipedias, present participle Wikipediaing, simple past and past participle Wikipediaed)

  1. (colloquial) To consult Wikipedia for information.
    1. Used intransitively.
    2. Used with an object denoting the information sought or obtained.
      • 2006 November 17, Rachel Maddow, on Paula Zahn Now:[၁][၂]
        I mean, it's true, if Katie Holmes had not become engaged to Tom Cruise, we'd all still be Wikipeidaing her, looking her up, trying to figure out exactly why do I know her, what was she in, is she famous?
      • 2009, Roger Ebert, Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2010,[၃][၄] Andrews McMeel Publishing, ISBN 978-0-7407-8536-8, page 363:
        He made me curious enough that I Wikipediaed Bob Satterfield and found out, yes, he was a real fighter, nicknamed the Bombadier, and was KO'd by the Raging Bull himself in a 1946 fight in Wrigley Field.
      • 2010 April 7, "Jeff K.", "Like a Drunk One Legged Pirate Stores His Rum, The aTable Stores Your Cords" (blog post), in
        That’s a true fact, you can Wikipedia that shizz.
      • 2010, Rachel Cohn, Very Lefreak, Random House, ISBN 9780375895524, chapter 3:
        [] her mother was "homeschooling" her via the Internet (basically, Wikipediaing the Important Facts from the History of the World, and ordering appropriate-level math textbooks from Amazon) []
    3. Used with an object denoting the specific article consulted.
      I wikipediaed the article on science and learned about the scientific method.