ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ မှ
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contrive (third-person singular simple present contrives, present participle contriving, simple past and past participle contrived)

  1. ကြံဖန်ပြုလုပ်သည်။ လုပ်ကြံဖန်တီးသည်။
    • 1813, Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, Modern Library Edition (1995), page 154
      ...I cannot bear the idea of two young women traveling post by themselves. It is highly improper. You must contrive to send somebody.
  2. အရာဝတ္ထုပစ္စည်းတစ်ခုခုအား (ရသမျှ၊ ရှိသမျှနှင့် ကြံဖန်၍) ဖန်တီးပြုလုပ်သည်။
    Do you think you can contrive something to hang my clothes on until I can get a wardrobe?