ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ မှ


ဝီကီပီးဒီးယားတွင် ဤအမည်ဖြင့် ဆောင်းပါးတစ်ပုဒ် ရှိသည်။


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flamboyant (အက္ခရာဖလှယ်ရန် လိုအပ်) (သာလွန်အဆင့် more flamboyant, အသာလွန်ဆုံး most flamboyant)

  1. # ဝင့်ဝါလွန်းသော။ ဟိတ်ဟန်များသော။ ဝင့်ကြွားလွန်းသော။
    • 1902, G. K. Chesterton, The Optimism of Byron, in Twelve Types,
      When we see some of the monstrous and flamboyant blossoms that enrich the equatorial woods, we do not feel that they are conflagrations of nature; silent explosions of her frightful energy. We simply find it hard to believe that they are not wax flowers grown under a glass case.
    • 1920, Frederic Taber Cooper, The Craftsmanship of Writing, Chapter VI: The Question of Clearness,
      But a scorn of flamboyant neckties and checkerboard trousers is no excuse for going to the opposite extreme of a blue flannel shirt and overalls; [] .
    • 1962 May 12, Douglas MacArthur, Duty, honor, country,
      The unbelievers will say they are but words, but a slogan, but a flamboyant phrase.
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