ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ မှ

အင်္ဂလိပ် [ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]


  • (RP) IPA(key): /skwɒt/
  • (GA) IPA(key): /skwɑt/
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  • ကာရန်များ: -ɒt


squat (အက္ခရာဖလှယ်ရန် လိုအပ်) (သာလွန်အဆင့် more squat, အသာလွန်ဆုံး most squat)

  1. ပုကွကွ ဖြစ်သော။
    • 1927, H. P. Lovecraft, The Colour Out of Space
      On the gentle slopes there are farms, ancient and rocky, with squat, moss-coated cottages brooding eternally over old New England secrets in the lee of great ledges []


Weightlifter performing a squat.

squat (အက္ခရာဖလှယ်ရန် လိုအပ်) (ဗဟုဝုစ် squats)

  1. ဆောင့်ကြောင့်ထိုင်ခြင်း။
    • 2006, Yael Calhoun & Matthew R. Calhoun, Create a Yoga Practice for Kids, page 72
      Sit in a squat, with your feet a comfortable distance apart.
  2. (weightlifting) ထိုင်ထလေ့ကျင်ခန်း။
    • 2001, Robert Wolff, Robert Wolff's Book of Great Workouts, page 58-59
      The king of all quad exercises, and arguably the best single-weight resistance exercise, is the squat.
  3. ဆောင့်ကြောင့်ထိုင်အိမ်သာ။
  4. ကျူးကျော်နေထိုင်ခြင်းခံရသော နေအိမ်။
    • 1996, Chris Smith, "Live Free or Die", New York Magazine‎ (8 Jul 2009), page 36
      " [] If you want to spend a night in a squat, it's all political to get in." Lately, as buildings have filled and become stringent about new admissions, much of the squatters' "My house is your house" rhetoric has become hollow.
  5. (slang) နတ္တိ။
    I know squat about nuclear physics.
    • 2003, "Dear Dotti", Weekly World News, vol. 24, no. 34 (May 6), page 23
      We didn't ask for rent, but we assumed they'd help around the house. But they don't do squat.



squat (အက္ခရာဖလှယ်ရန် လိုအပ်) (third-person singular simple present squat, ပစ္စုပ္ပန် ကြိယာသဏ္ဌာန် t, simple past and past participle ed)

  1. ဆောင့်ကြောင့်ထိုင်သည်။
  2. တမ်းပလိတ်:weightlifting ထိုင်ထလုပ်သည်။
    • 1994, Kurt, Mike, & Brett Brungardt, The Complete Book of Butt and Legs, page 161
      For those who are having, or have had, trouble squatting we suggest learning how to squat by performing the front squat [] The front squat allows you almost no alternative but to perform the exercise correctly.
  3. ကျူးကျော်နေထိုင်သည်။
    • 1890, Jacob Riis, How the Other Half Lives , chapter VII
      Huddled together in loathsome files, they squat there over night, or until an inquisitive policeman breaks up the congregation with his club, which in Mulberry Street has always free swing.