ဝစ်ရှင်နရီ မှ
အ​ညွှန်း​သို့ ခုန်ကူးရန် ရှာဖွေရန် ခုန်ကူးမည်


အင်္ဂလိပ် ဝီကီပီးဒီးယားတွင် ဤအမည်ဖြင့် ဆောင်းပါးတစ်ပုဒ် ရှိသည်။
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  1. (interrogative) ဘယ်အရာ၊ ဘယ်အခြေအနေ စသည် : used interrogatively in asking for the specification of an identity, quantity, quality, etc.
  2. (relative, nonstandard) ထိုအရာ၊ မည်သူ။ That; which; who.
  3. (relative) That which; those that; the thing that.
    He knows what he wants.
    What goes up must come down.
    Keep up with what your friends are doing.
  4. (relative) ဘာပဲဖြစ်ဖြစ်၊ Whatever.
    I will do what I can to help you.


what (နှိုင်းယှဉ်နိုင်သော (comparable))

  1. ("with" နှင့် တွဲသုံးလေ့ရှိသည်) In some manner or degree; in part; partly. what with တွင်လည်းကြည့်ပါ။
  2. ကဲ့သို့
    What a pity.
    What a beautiful day!
  3. (obsolete) Why?
    • (Can we date this quote?) Chaucer
      What should I tell the answer of the knight?
    • (Can we date this quote?) John Milton
      But what do I stand reckoning upon advantages and gains lost by the misrule and turbulency of the prelates?
  4. (now rare) Used to introduce each of two coordinate phrases or concepts; both…and.
    • တမ်းပလိတ်:RQ:Mlry MrtDrthr:
      And as for on C good knyghtes I haue my self / but I fawte / l / for so many haue ben slayne in my dayes / and so Ladegreans delyuerd his doughter Gweneuer vnto Merlyn / and the table round with the C knyghtes / and so they rode fresshly with grete royalte / what by water and what by land / tyl that they came nyghe vnto london
  5. (Singlish) wat၏ မူကွဲ ပုံစံ (used to contradict an assumption)



  1. အံ့ဩခြင်း သို့မဟုတ် မယုံနိုင်ခြင်းကို ဖော်ပြခြင်း
    • 1605 Wm. Shakespeare, King Lear
      What, have his daughters brought him to this pass?
    What! That’s amazing.
  2. မေးမြန်းသူအား ပြန်လည်တုံပြန်ခြင်း
  3. (ဗြိတိန်, colloquial, dated) what do you say၏ အတိုအသံထွက်?
    It’s a nice day, what?
  4. ဘာပြောလိုက်တာလဲ။ What did you say? I beg your pardon?